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About Us

zia creations is located in New Mexico.  We specialize in unique and affordable hand-crafted wooden pieces including handsome crosses, elegant wood rug hangers, decorative wall hangers and custom signs.

our products… We pride ourselves in our small owner-operated business.  Our products are Made in the USA.  Each piece is hand crafted using top quality hard woods and professionally finished.  Our prices yield us a modest profit margin yet we remain competitive with other high quality products on the market.   

from the craftsman… My name is David and at a young age I learned the value of hard work and conservation.   I spent over 30 years in the construction trade as both a carpenter and handyman.  This work was tangible, hands-on and physically demanding.  When I moved to New Mexico in 2010, I started Zia Creations in an effort to enjoy what I was creating without experiencing the toll it was taking on my body.

Every order is made custom in our shop.  We make it when you order it.  Creativity and imagination bring our products to life. 

We are dedicated to sustainability.  Our wood materials are renewable and recycled.  We source as much as we can locally.  All scraps are used to create other items and the remaining pieces are used to heat the work shop.  

My wife and I enjoy participating in local farmers and craft markets where we meet many talented people who share the same passion and labor of love in their work. Visit us at one of our upcoming events!