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Southwest Designs

Our rug or tapestry hangers  are engineered to use a simple compression design that will not penetrate your wall hanging. Several southwest styles are available giving each rug hanger a unique stair-stepped design.  Select from various lengths up to 80 inches by 4 inches high by 1.5 inch deep.   If the size you are looking for is not listed, email or call us for a custom quote.  We can make it to fit the exact rug measurement, if desired.

Mounting drywall screws/hardware are not provided with the rug hanger.

angled step rug hanger
New Hot Made-to-Order
This southwest design comes in an angled stair stepped pattern that pairs with any rug or textile.  ..
rounded step rug hanger
New Made-to-Order
This stunning southwest piece comes in a rounded stair step trim and pair nicely with all textiles. ..
straight (no step) rug hanger
New Made-to-Order
This southwest compression rug hanger is crafted without a stair stepped design.  Add your own embellishments to decorate the 4 inch header.  ..
straight step rug hanger
New Made-to-Order
This southwest hanger comes in straight stair-step trim that compliments any rug or tapestry.  ..
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