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Our distinct rug hanger collection includes both southwest and simple wood designs.  We believe our rug hangers should complement your Navajo rugs, quilts, tapestries or textiles so we engineered our collection to compress without using knobs.  This attractive compression feature provides a beautiful and secure way to display your art pieces.  

We offer several wood and stain options so you can create your own rug hanger.  Every timber used to craft the hanger can vary by color and texture. Each piece is professionally made-to-order and comes finished with multiple urethane coatings to protect the wood surface.  

Rug Hanger Round Step Walnut

Rug Hanger Straight Edge Oak Dark Walnut Rug Hanger Angled Oak


Rug Hanger Straight Step Birch

Straight Step Walnut


What size rug hanger do I need?

To determine the best hanger size for your rug, quilt or tapestry, simply measure the length of top edge of the rug and select the closest hanger size.  If you select our 1 5/8 round edge trim hang

er, then add two (2) additional inches to the rug measurement before selecting your size.  

How do I order my rug hanger?


Ordering is easy.  Click on the type of rug hanger, then use the drop down menus to specify the desired size, wood type, anger accent, and if desired, a stain color. When you are satisfied with your options, add the hanger to your basket. Should you require an unlisted width, trim or wood please contact us with the details. We'll issue a quote for the specifications that match your needs.

When will I receive my rug hanger?

Because all of our hangers are made to order out of our New Mexico workshop, delivery is generally within 14 business days or less.  For more information see our delivery policy.  


How do I mount my rug hanger?

Rug Hanger Rear

Rug Hanger Side View

Our rug hangers are equipped with two adjustable pieces of wood which securely hold the rug or tapestry. The distance between the panels is fine-tuned using tightening screws found on the rear of the rug hanger. To attach the rug, arrange the hanger face down on a flat (preferably padded or carpeted) surface. If necessary, loosen the screws to accommodate the thickness of the rug or tapestry.  Slide the rug into the groove between the wood pieces, center it and tighten the screws to clamp the rug in place.   

Close-up of Rug Hanger BackThe mounting key holes are placed 4 to 5 inches from each end of the rug hanger and in some cases an additional key hole is included for hangers with a longer length.  To mount the hanger, measure the distance between the recessed mounting holes on the rear of the rug hanger and install drywall screws on the wall this distance apart.  Hang your rug on the screws, step back and enjoy!

Mounting hardware is not included.  If you are concerned about the hanger holding and/or supporting the weight of your rug, we suggest using drywall anchors to mount your hanger. 

Sorry, the rugs are not available for purchase.


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