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ON SALE! 1-5/8 blunt edge 22 inch walnut rug hanger

ON SALE!  1-5/8 blunt edge 22 inch walnut rug hanger
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ON SALE! 1-5/8 blunt edge 22 inch walnut rug hanger
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  • Model#: RBLT158-22

This simple compression hanger comes in a blunt edge design, walnut wood without a stain finish.   Exact length measures 21 3/4 inches. 

This in stock rug hanger ships within 2-3 business days.     **This is a limited quantity item, only one available at this sale price.**  

Design Options
Height in Inches1-5/8
Finish Options
Standard Features
Measurements21.75 " L x 1.65" H x 1.5 " D
Keyhole MountYes
Mounting HardwareNot included
Multiple Finish CoatingsYes, Polyurethane

Our rug hangers are equipped with two adjustable pieces of wood which securely hold the rug or tapestry. The distance between the panels is fine-tuned using tightening screws found on the rear of the rug hanger. To attach the rug, arrange the hanger face down on a flat (preferably padded or carpeted) surface. If necessary, loosen the screws to accommodate the thickness of the rug or tapestry.  Slide the rug into the groove between the wood pieces, center it and tighten the screws to clamp the rug in place.  To mount the rug hanger, measure the distance between the recessed mounting holes on the rear of the rug hanger and install drywall screws on the wall this distance apart. Hang your rug on the screws, step back and enjoy!

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